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XP - FWD with Qlass Seating

The XP provides an excellent solution for those people who are no longer able to move themselves manually or foot-propelling, yet want to remain independent. With its compact design the XP is highly manoeuvrable and easy to use, ensuring maximum mobility as well as great comfort – for an excellent price.

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XP - RWD with Qlass Seating

The XP fitted with the ultra-reliable Qlass seating system for optimal comfort.

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XP - RWD with EClass Seating

Due to its compact design, the XP is highly manoeuvrable. It provides a smooth ride and maximum manoeuvrability indoors. Front wheel drive and rear wheel drive available.

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Puma 20 with Lite seating

Designed for intensive indoor and outdoor use, Puma 20 delivers the best driving performance in its class. Front or rear wheel drive, it is easy to drive with your choice of electronics. Enjoy a smooth and stable ride thanks to good suspension – with rubber shock absorbers - and comfort seating.

A higher top speed and larger range are possible. Strong motors and high torque, ensure high manoeuvrability. Together with its compact design this is very convenient for use in and around the house.

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Puma 20 with Sedeo Pro seating

Puma 20 provides all the essential functionality you would expect from a good mobility product. But there is more... Truly modular in design, Puma 20 also offers you the flexibility to easily ‘upgrade’ your chair to suit your personal needs. Combine the robust seat frame with  your choice of high-quality Sedeo seat cushion, backrest, armrests and legrests. And choose electrical 45° seat tilt adjustment and lights for enhanced seating comfort and safety.

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Puma 40 FWD

Enjoy a new level of seating comfort with our award-winning Sedeo Pro seating , combining a highly functional and adjustable seat frame with a wide choice of support and positioning options. Allowing for limitless customisation to suit your personal requirements today and tomorrow. Add the advanced electrical options you need for even more comfort and independence.

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Puma 40 RWD

Incredibly versatile, robust and easy to drive, Puma 40 is designed for high-performance indoor and outdoor use.  Front or rear wheel drive, it's state-of-the-art Full Track Suspension System (FTSS) makes for a smooth and stable ride with maximum straction at all speeds. You can choose to drive faster and futher. Highly manoeuvrable and compact, Puma 40 also offers you maximum independence indoors.

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